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Saturday, January 20, 2007


to Hillary Clinton on becoming the next President of the United States. At some point, the baby boomer generation will begin dying off or becoming senile and someone besides a Bush or a Clinton will be President, but for now the people of the United States have determined that only two families are good enough to represent them.

I honestly can't say I'm happy, nor can I say I'm sad. I'm glad Jeb won't be President for at least another four years. And I'm glad that the Democrats will control the entire Federal government for at least four years. But I'm not excited about Hillary's presidency. I wish I were. She'll be the first woman President, sitting at a time when the first woman Speaker is there. A coup for equal rights activists.

But for all the firsts, its still the status quo at the same time. A President Hillary is just more of the same. America may not be worth more than the Clintons or the Bushes offer, but I don't like believing that. I like believing that America is still naive enough to take chances on someone new, someone not so "right" or not so "left" but someone who doesn't fit a mold.

The press of course makes that impossible, but the people can create a different press whenever they choose.

And that's what a Hillary candidacy and presidency will mean... less choice, more butter molds, less reasoned debate, more vitriol, less creativity, more money. At least the economy will turn around.