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Monday, January 10, 2005


Where credit is due. Coble shows he's got sack and sense. Immediately, my skeptic's cap is on and I realize this is probably staged. The fact that its one of the most senior, most safe Republican members in a military state, but representing a district with a distinct absence of any military presence, makes one think this is no mere accident nor act of political courage.

However, I did post this just before Christmas. I did spend New Years down in NC (as I often do with my wife and kids, but this time we unusually spent it in the heart of the 6th dist!). So, I'm just saying... a lot of people down there read this... and you know... perhaps... nah, couldn't be... could it?

In all seriousness, I'm sure its a trial balloon to see how it plays with the base. However, I think its far past time for the Dems to seize the high-ground here. The high-ground is there. If you didn't read my post, go read it. You'll see how a Dem can take this issue and make it a win-win. More importantly though, if the Reps are floating trial balloons, in NC no less, you gotta see the Bush playbook (cut and run post-election) starting to materialize. The question for all the liberals and other Democrats is this: you gonna lead the retreat or let someone else take credit for it? The time is now, call your Representative, let them know you support withdrawing the troops because you believe in winning.