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Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Few Words

We send our best wishes to fellow contributor Schenker who is currently in Sri Lanka. It is unlikely we'll hear from Schenker until Schenker returns home. Tim Russo was kind enough to share his thoughts on the upcoming Palestinian election. His posts are below or can be read directly here and here. Hopefully Tim will post again soon from the West Bank, we appreciate his insight, and his candor. Other regular contributors, Sharpshanks and Mitya K are on vacation until mid-January.

I'd also like to note for any Democrats out there considering a possible run in '06. This Kerik issue, which seems to have dropped off the radar screen, is a real winner down in Dixie. Good phone-banking, muckracking, dirty elbows, teeth-pulling kinda stuff. Remember, he isn't just Kerik, "he's a New Yorker with ties to the mob, and the big-city Republicans tried to put him and his type in charge of defending the homeland! W says he's one of us, but were it not for a phone call from the papers, he'd have us all turned out! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

I know, how dare I right? Well, they did it to Lieberman, so I'm just returning the favor. Free advice is sometimes the best kind.