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Monday, July 11, 2005

Bush's Broken Brain

The McClellan Meltdown over Rove-Plame-CIA-etc., in today's press briefing, takes us to the tipping point: it is now clear that Bush's brain isn't up to the task. No, not Karl Rove, as in Moore, Slater, Moore, and Slater's useful book; we're talking the real stuff between Bush's ears. Rove, the manager of Bush's political welfare, is at least for the time being relatively crippled by the Plame affair, whatever its outcome. But the one who is chronically disabled is Bush.

It's so simple that only the intellectual media (OK, then, the intellectually dishonest media) will avoid it-- "it" being that only a serious mental disorder can explain Bush's behavior in assuring us that Rove in particular and others in general in the administration didn't do it; and he'd fire anybody who did; and then authorizing today's shift to no comment. The administration's series of statements are now not even superficially reconcilable with each other, or with sanity, or sense.

It isn't about being caught in a lie; it's about crafting a lie so vulnerable to forces outside his or the White House's control, so detached from how the world works, that anyone without a substantial impairment of intellect would know it could not be sustained. It's not a miscalculated risk (as in Clinton) but a break with reality (as in Nixon). Perhaps Nixon was more truly psychotic, and Bush more deprived of basic intelligence, but either way there is a fundamental inability to recognize, much less act on, real events and real facts.

Thought for the not too future day: Reagan's impending incapacity was signaled not only by some memory lapses but also some observable clumsiness; Bush's current incapacity is corroborated by his repeated falling off bicycles and chairs, occasional pathologically awkward gait, etc.


Blogger gandhi said...

We should probably also run tests on the brains of those millions who voted for him - twice!


8:29 PM  
Blogger Wilderwood said...

Yes, Ghandi, I think you're right that a lot of people voted for Bush out of ignorance--or, as Alan Lichtmann argues--because the balance of things for the incumbent party and those against the incumbent was still favorable to Bush (but not by much).

That said, I think it will become clear, in due time, that the Bush's brain is nothing close to being as competent as that of the average voter, or indeed as that of fully 85 percent of all voters. That is inherent in the definition of Bush's disability.

But it leads to a reassuring prediction: because Bush's brain is so inferior, that fact will become clear to the much smarter average citizen. And Bush will be understood for what he is. Which is, as Helen Thomas said, the worst (and I would add the most mentally deficient and incompetent) president in US history.

10:45 PM  
Blogger FederalFarmer said...

I'd like to suggest that like so many other things (the Iraq War, the Kerry nomination, the Gonzales nominations, and maybe even 9/11) this little media brushfire was planned by Rove long before it happened. I interpret the basic facts as follows: Rove, making an uncharacteristic mistake, did not know that exposing an undercover agent's identity is a federal crime. Goal #1 once he realized the mistake was to keep the Republican party from paying a political price for it until after the 2004 election. He succeeded in that. Goal #2 is to keep it from hurting the Republican party in 2008 by turning into a major scandal. That's the battle that's going on now. Part of his strategy is to have it flare up from time to time so that people get tired of hearing about it and the basic story gets diluted with so much smoke and mirrors that people stop paying attention to it as an abuse-of-power story. The second part of the strategy is to convince the special counsel either (a) that no crime was committed or (b) that a crime technically may have been committed but that, in the exercise of appropriate prosecutorial discretion, would be a waste of time and money to prosecute. Based on what I know about the law, (b) seems more likely than (a), but possibility (c) -- that he indicts Rove -- is not negligible. Could anyone else go down? Well, Bush is such an easy person to read through his facial expressions (a piss-poor poker player he must be) that it has been clear from day 1 that he knew exactly who did all this. If push comes to shove, will Rove take the fall for Bush? My guess is yes.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Wilderwood said...

I think you may be overestimating Rove's Brain. Or maybe overestimating his serum testosterone (of which Fitzgerald seems to have rather more than Rove, by a considerable quantity). Rove has little clout in the standoff with Fitz, as I see it. If you look at Rove's history, it seems to say that he manages always in the end to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Interestingly, that's not yet been W's history. But sometimes it takes longer for true stupidity to express itself.

10:40 PM  

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