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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Darker Side of the Plame Apocalypse

Apocalypse, that is, in the original Greek sense of an unveiling, or literally a drawing of the curtain. . . . (the future horror of which remains to be seen after what is behind the curtain is fully scrutinized).

Can anyone refute this darker motive for the unveiling of Plame? . . . That Cheney and possibly even W -- frustrated that the CIA wasn't delivering the WMD goods they demanded -- decided to retaliate by destroying the CIA's primary WMD intelligence functionality, i.e. the Brewster-Jennings front company. To see the Plame leak as an attempt simply to embarrass and discredit Wilson may be, how shall I say it, insufficiently appreciative of the depth of the malice here.

Let none dare say "they wouldn't do that". . . of course they would, they wanted a CIA they could call their own. When you think about it, nothing much in their record or their rhetoric (sift it carefully) shows any moral or political ethical principle that would prevent their doing so, indeed there isn't much in their record or rhetoric that even speaks of loyalty to the nation as a duty.

If destroying Brewster-Jennings was their true motive (and it arguably is true until explicitly refuted, since they all knew very well that outing Plame would destroy Brewster-Jennings) then let none dare call it anything else but treason.


Anonymous Amef said...

Your describing Plame. It was all a foreign operation aimed at WMD CIA policy, Rice and Bush.

5:11 PM  

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