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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Don't Blame Us ... We're Worn Out

I just heard on all three Sunday Talks: MTP, This Week w/Snuffy, Face the Nation, the talking heads say, with straight faces, that one of the biggest reasons for all this mess is that the White House is just so darned tired. They're "burned out" said Coke. Terry Moran said the President "he's tired." And all of the others circled round to discuss how this burn out is generic to second terms. Poor White House staffers, poor President, this is hard stuff. Considering he's spent almost a 1/3 of his presidency on vacation at Crawford, Kennebunkport, Camp David (where he is now) or shuffling between vacay and the White House, the charge that he's all worn out seems less than genuine.

Here's an idea, if the President and his poor staffers are just so plumb tired that they can't help but lie repeatedly to the American public and federal prosecutors, maybe they should all quit and let some people who know how to work for a living run things?