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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Bug Lamp Theory

As we get closer and closer to 2,000 deaths in Iraq, President Bush is likely to paint the sacrifice of these deaths in terms of his favorite, and a favorite of freepers everywhere, analogy: the bug lamp. The Iraqi Invasion, we're told by the proponents of this theory, was designed to attract all the terrorists around the world onto one field of battle. We then swat them down or let them fly into the bug lamp to be incinerated. Much less expensive than if we went to every terrorist camp in the world and tried to whack them. If you don't believe people actually accept this theory, read this.
President Bush has planted a terrorist lightning rod (or bug lamp, if you like) in Iraq and it's attracting terrorists from across the globe. While the left continues to say that the war in Iraq is distracting from our efforts in the war on terror, the reality is the war in Iraq has completely distracted the terrorists from their war on us.
Note how the author practices the dangerous sleight of hand game Schenker spoke about with the war on terror and the war in Iraq. This is the essence of the bug lamp. We're safer here cause they're less safe over there.

The naivete of the proponents of the bug lamp are surpassed only by the gullible, fat, lazy Americans who continue to swallow these same words from their Commander in Chief. When will the American public wake up and realize that the "bug lamp" was simply the cheapest way Republicans could come up with to simultaneously give themselves and their rich buddies a bunch of tax cuts and not have to pay for protecting the homeland?

It is going to cost billions of dollars to secure America, and it is going to take a special ops war like we've never seen before to rid the world of global terrorism. We can do both simultaneously ... so long as we aren't wasting time, sitting on the front porch, swatting flies.