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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chickenhawks, Cowards

Call them what you will... Everyone knows about Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and other right wing windbags who beat the war drums loudly, but at the same time they somehow seemed to miss the call themselves.

Afterall, who can forget Juan Cole's takedown of Jonah Goldberg, and Goldberg's pathetic defense (its the post titled "On and On" where Jonah says the reason he isn't in the killzone is that his wife and family need his income)

Lurking in the hallways of many right wing blogs, many places where war is advocated on a daily basis, lie a bunch of people who don't know the first thing about war, and never will. They argue for irresponsible policies which will only make life harder and crueler for the men and women who serve in uniform. When you visit these blogs, beware, the talk doesn't match the walk.

Please note: I've included a sampling here. There are far more. But I wanted to show some smaller blogs, and some bigger ones, which have one big thing in common: a distinct lack of substantive knowledge of the policies they advocate. That these policies are life and death for men and women in uniform seems not to matter much to this group, small or big.

Captain's Quarters
Well, not much of a captain afterall.

Yes Glen Reynolds managed to avoid serving his country. Good thing he keeps those posts short and sweet.

Joe Citizen
JC likes to talk about how Americans have decided to fight back against radical Islam. Conspicuously absent in that group fighting back is ... JC.

Little Green Footballs
Charles Johnson likes to talk tough about Bush's military record... well at least Bush got a uniform.

Michelle Malkin
Posts a lot on how torture scandals aren't so bad. Being in uniform might change her opinion.

Redneck Central
Foul-mouthed and crazy, Wild Bill, who has never served, likes to say America should just nuke its enemies.

Redneck's Revenge
Redneck Texan and Texas Gal consistently advocate the invasion of Iran, and other reckless war policies, but they have neither served, nor will they ever serve, their country in uniform.

Scared Monkeys
Actually, it describes them every time Red or Tom passes the recruiter's office.