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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In Memory Of

Lt. Commander Erik S. Kristensen, a 33 year old Navy SEAL died on June 18, 2005. I just learned this. My snail mail has been rerouted several times with my moving around and I'm just now getting some mail now that has been sitting in CT for several months. Erik was flying on a Chinnok helicopter which was shot down by Afghan insurgents... I remember hearing the news report on CNN, but had no idea my English teaching friend was onboard.

Erik was not your average anything. I met him in Annapolis as he continued his own zealous quest towards beauty and greatness of soul. I could say a lot about Erik here, but a fellow alum Andy Ranson, has said it better so I'll quote from him:
Since Socrates often came up in our conversations, I thought it fitting that this passsage from The Republic leapt off the page at me recently. I picked the book up, thinking of Erik and how our friendship was cemented over discussions of it. Erik would blush at being compared to Socrates' description of a philosopher, but I think those who knew Erik will find it quite appropriate. Socrates asks Glaucon, "But the one who is willing to taste every kind of learning with gusto, and who approaches learning with delight, and is insatiable, we shall justly assert to be a philosopher, won't we?" Farewell to a great man, a true Johnnie, and a wonderful friend.
Erik S. Kristensen was laid to rest with full honors on Hospital Point at the Naval Academy this summer. The world has lost a bright light, and we are worse off without him. No further posting today please.