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Monday, January 16, 2006

Been Away

Thanks to everyone for posting comments, visiting, and referring the blog. Special thanks to the co-contributors. I've been emailing my posts in while away so I haven't really been able to reply to comments as much as I'd like. Interesting thing seems to have occurred while I was gone. People I know who were once dKos junkies are now writing the whole thing off. They say the quality of front page posts is so low right now they rather read the New York Times (for what its worth, I rather read the FT, but I'm partial to pink especially over that hideous orange). What happened? Did people read Jerome and Markos' book and realize they are full of shit? Whats the matter with Mojo?

So this leads us to the question of the day: Is Daily Kos relevant anymore? Obviously people so inclined will still logon dutifully in election mode to get their marching orders, but has the bubble already burst?