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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's The Evening

After some of the most widespread American social protests in the last twenty years: over fourty thousand took to the streets in LA, and tens of thousands in other cities joined them.

Today, tens of thousands of high school students resisted court orders, police, and other municipal authorities and walked out of their schools, all across the southern border states of the USA and in major cities throughout the land. Many of them wound up in jail on "truancy" charges.

All in protest of H.R. 4437. Whether you support it or oppose it, its undoubtedly one of the most repressive immigration bills to be seriously considered by Congress in the past three or four decades.

And where is the fearless leader of the Democratic "netroots"? Where are the "frontline" blog posts detailing the thrill and excitement of the protests? Where is Mr. Kos?

Oh you know, blogging about everything else. Really... EVERYTHING ELSE! Look here. Mr. Kos, who I believe is a resident of California no less, manages to give updates on such important matters as donating to his favorite candidates, pimping his favorite book (you know, the one he "wrote"), phonebanking for his favorite candidate, and of course, linking to an article about one of his favorite candidates.

When will the Democratic Party wake up? Markos is about as grassroots as any wannabe beltway insider. Just like Howard Dean's financial support, a large plurality of Markos' "support" comes from bored, aging, former activist Professors at places like Berkeley, Stanford, and the Ivy Leagues (and don't forget UW). Nothing more clearly demonstrates this than his utter obliviousness to what will likely be one, if not the, defining issues in American politics for the near future.

The Republican Party has declared war on all latino illegal immigrants. "kos", on the other hand, is AWOL.