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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

O for 1? Uh uh.

Try 0 for many. Chris Bowers, kos, and the other members of the radical left have convinced themselves that the TX-28 result was just a single first setback in a string of otherwise mounting successes. Of course, thats an interesting theory even for this rabid, drooling, tinfoil crowd of penny ante net geeks.

Here's Mr. Bowers' take:
Well, it looks like our first primary challenge against an incumbent Democrat didn't work out. To my knowledge, there haven't been any official concession yet, but no matter what happens, I would like to point out that Republicans still haven't won anything new on the electoral front since 2004. While we it looks like we were unable to defeat a Democrat who sucked up to Bush, over the past year we still have a pretty good streak going of defeating Republicans who suck up to Bush. This is not even to mention that Republicans are still too gutless to even try to run someone in this majority-Latino district. I'd like to se how close they would come to defeating Henry Cuellar.
Hold on there St. Christopher! First off, what's with pinning the blame on the "latinos"... that seems a little uncharitable. And need I remind YOU, that YOU lost from the very beginning. The former Governor of Vermont, as I recall, didn't win a single state in the 2004 primary. And if memory serves me, the Doctor whose name must not be said was upset even in his own backyard in New Hampshire... You remember that don't you Chris? Right after Doctor such-and-such was trashed in Iowa by the evil corporate-loving, republican lite coalition of Dick Gephardt et al?

The best though almost without realizing the full impact of his words, is this from kos:
So we didn't kill off Cuellar, but we gave him an ass whooping where none was expected and made him sweat. That's the reason why Lieberman is sweating in Connecticut and lining up his dog and pony endorsement shows to flex his muscle. He can't take for granted that a no-name businessman with no political experience and zero connections in his state's political establishment will be a non-factor, not with what we've done for people like Dean and now Ciro.
I'd like to go on record that if I ever run for office, I would like Kos and Chris Bowers to NOT do for me what they did for "people like Dean and now Ciro." In fact, I'd like for them to do the opposite ... you know, win? From here on out, the Armstrong, Zuniga, Bowers, DailyKos, MyDD, Blogads, et al coalition shall forever be known as "Ofer, Inc."

That is, at least until they actually start winning some elections.