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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Big Mo'

Who got the most momentum out of yesterday's election? And why did Rumsfeld really resign? These are some questions we can only speculate about, but here are some thoughts.

Thirteen additional trial lawyers were put into the House, and three additional trial lawyers made it to the Senate. How's that for stacking an already well stacked deck? It seems the trial lawyer line Republicans have seemed to use to great effect in the past just didn't matter this time around. Maybe even backfired? I'm guessing this isn't something on the radar of most pundits right now, but I'm also guessing that means its important. Of all the special interest groups out there right now, and excepting the military of course, the big winners to me seem to be trial lawyers.

One can't help but recall here the interactions between King James and Coke, and how Coke's lawyers eventually broke through the Ecclesiastical Court's stranglehold. Whenever an executive says "I am the law", the Anglo tradition has, since the time of Coke, always been a pattern of society coming back with a resounding negation.

Now to the second topic, I hear Rumsfeld's departure may not spell doom for the Neoconservative agenda afterall, but that it will liberate them. I don't exactly know what this means, but its something to think about for sure.