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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Free Market

I just saw something that made me laugh. Some Republican windbag was spewing nonesense about the free market this, the free market that, we can't let the free market be stained by the unholy touch of public funding. He was talking about energy of course, and how we shouldn't let subsidies carry away the market on ethanol, solar, wind, etc.


All these overpriced rhetorical whores seem to forget the massive amount of funding the public produces for drug and health care research. I don't see any of them bitching about that.

Nor do I see them bitching about the public funding that causes the demand for massive amounts of ammunition, armor, and weapons technology.

Why is it that for Republicans, the only thing the public should never fund is an alternative to funding the Saudi royal family?

Republicans, against public market intervention before they for it.

Viva Bush!! Viva Saud!