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Friday, December 03, 2004

Defeating Terror

I'd just like to point out, over the past week or so, the Bull Moose has been seriously hitting the nail on the head. We at A9 strongly encourage our readers to visit the Moose and read him regularly. His latest post is on the "Terror Gap" and deals with Peter Beinart's recent article in TNR. The message is, Liberals, not Conservatives, are the ones to win this war. We agree, but we need to examine what that means. Here is a thought experiment to exercise our war winning minds and to provoke discussion. All facts are real, you can't argue them away (however unrealistic they may be).

Terrorist A is caught, there is no doubt as to his terrorist ties, and he has evidence on him inidicating an attack is coming. Terrorist Z, apprehended in London, is detained by British authorities. On him is a rather detailed plan describing a particular nuclear suitcase bomb known to have been stolen from Russia, that it will be handled by Terrorist A and others, and that it is set to go off in the next 24 hours. British authorities give this information over immediately to American authorities. All information is confirmed and authenticated by other intel agencies. Those US agents detaining Terrorist A read the information, and quickly realize what they are up against.

Millions of NYC dwellers are about to perish. Terrorist A is not budging in the interrogation, shows no signs of cooperating, and laughs at the questions. Finally, Agent O comes in. He pulls his gun out and shoots Terrorist A in the foot. Then tells him, next bullet goes into knee, then his leg, then his balls, then his stomach, then his head. Terrorist A still will not say where the nuclear bomb is located. Agent O now shoots him in the knee. Terrorist A, in extreme pain, finally gives up the location. Other agents are sent, they retrieve the device, indeed a nuclear bomb, and millions of lives are saved.

Remember, you can't argue the facts. The question liberals must answer is the following: What do you do with Agent O?