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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Condi, Condi

Give 'em hell Dr. Rice! I haven't watched any of this, so I can only imagine I would be infuriated rather than amused by these quotes, but man are these quotes funny... Here is a sampling from the NY Times:

1) ``The goal is to get the mission accomplished,'' she said.

Uh... uh... did you really want to use "mission accomplished"? I mean, the banner... the flight suit... the aircraft carrier. Come on, are you for real?

2) ``No one has objections in principle'' to such an envoy, she said, but Rice added that ``it is a question over whether that is appropriate'' at this time.

Hmm... so pragmatic concerns are not principled concerns. So if I said I objected to the war in Iraq because it was being run like a grade-school recess period, I could still agree with the principle of removing Saddam Hussein from power. Sen. Kerry must find such parsing humorous.

3) The best for last... "The time for diplomacy is now."

Or, "Our State Department shoots first and asks questions later."

Come on Joe, fire back please.

UPDATE: from the FT,
The US, she said, “stands with oppressed people on every continent” and she listed six “outposts of tyranny”: Cuba, Burma, North Korea, Iran, Belarus and Zimbabwe. “And we cannot rest until every person living in a fear society has finally won their freedom.”
Burma? Zimbabwe? Belarus? Cuba? Now, wait just a cotton-picking second here Condi! When W got up there and told us about the Axis of Evil, it was three countries, I member clear as day. Iraq, Iran and one more. We can scratch Iraq off, so by my countin' that leaves us with two... now just exactly what in tarnation are these here "outposts" and how come nobody told me bout them till after my boy gone an signed-up? How come nobody stopped them? What was ya'll doing for the last four years? Spreading Evil?