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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The last post on this blog is a week old. We've been a little shorthanded here of late. My apologies to everyone. Sharpshanks, it seems, is doing well in his new Asian surroundings. Mitya K is away on vacay. God knows where Wilderwood, FedFarmer and Schenker currently find themselves. I've been busy myself, but I'M BACK. And I've decided to stop being nice to liberal namby pambies. Look, I'm a liberal, at least, in the "old" way that word used to be intended ... you know, Liberal as in "free"? But, I draw the line at protesting troops coming home on leave from Iraq. That's just poor form folks.

Also, this overheard in the hills of Westport, CT this summer. Said the baby-boomer female politician with a liberal pedigree and a history of pro-civil rights stances (from the Southland, don't you know): "What's up with all these big American flags hanging out in front of these Connecticut farmhouses?" To which the native Connectican replied: "what do you mean, this is New England, you know, patriotism" To which the gray-haired activist replied: "Oh, I thought this was a blue state though." To which all others in the car: "hurl".

Seriously folks. That actually happened. The old southern lady was eventually informed of the concept of "yankee doodle dandy", the "minutemen" and other New England symbols and history of patriotism. But the anecdote is important. Before the good people of this country (including me goddamn it) start trusting Democrats and their liberal friends with the safety of this country, liberals THEMSELVES have a long way to go. And when they get there, it's gotta be ok to hang a damn flag outside your house. It can't be considered "red" or "republican" or "grotesque" or "over the top" or "nationalist" or "neo-fascist" or whatever. It can ONLY be considered "damn fine" by the party charged with our safety. And the reason is simple... and if you have to ask why, you'll never fucking know. Glad to be back amigos!