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Monday, December 11, 2006

Saying Goodbye

Its the end of the year and like many people I like to go through my personal portfolio and see those stocks I sold over the span of the year... reminisce if you will... so I shed a tear for these great stocks, and bid them adieu.

THOR Industries, Inc. One of the last great run American companies in one of the last great American industries, luxury RVs (thats if you ask me of course). I bought this wonder of a stock in December of 2001 for around $9.27 a share, and I've acquired it at regular intervals for much of the past five years. On March 6th of this year, I sold about almost all of my holdings. Then on December 6th I sold the remainder. However you slice it, Thor has made me a very good return for very low risk. Wade THompson and Peter ORthwein (hence THOR) have made this company one of the best managed companies I have ever seen, your money is safe with them, they don't have gimmicks. So why did I sell? Simple, they were over bought, like much of the market, and even great companies will experience share price deflation from time to time. Baby boomers are still buying RVs though, and they will continue to buy them. If this stock every dips back into a moderate valuation zone, I'm acquiring, but until then, adios THO, its been a nice ride!

April 6, 2003, shortly after acquiring my first iPod (I've since purchased four more for myself and as gifts), I bought as much AAPL as I could afford. I've held it ever since. Oh and the good times we have had with AAPL since those days... Feb. 2005, I remember it well. Topped by the thrilling surge in Sept. 2005. And who could forget Jan. 2006? Oh AAPL, how I loved you! I stuck with you through the long, hot, saddening summer this year... but alas, on 12/6/2006, I had to part with you. Don't take it personally, AAPL is still a sizzling company. But I just have that feeling that she's do for another good bump in the road, and this time, I'm looking for love in other places. Seriously, this co. is well run with some questionable key man risk. I worry that the shareholders now love Jobs more than Apple herself.

What can I say? After almost a decade in silver mines, I'm starting to move on. Got rid of these guys on March 6th of this year after watching up close the S. American political situation deteriorate. Even participated in the short plays on SIL at the end of Q1... Reward success, punish failure, and do it immediately. I loved these guys, but enough is enough. That said, look for a buying opportunity mid '07 (just guessing).

Norfolk Southern was one of the first stocks I ever owned (my grandfather, who didn't really buy much stock, told me once that if he did, he'd buy Norfolk Southern). Since then, I've used every sustained share price dip as an acquiring opportunity. 3/6/94... 8/6/96... 1/6/98... 9/6/98... And how was such loyalty repaid? Feb. 2000! That's how. I was so nervous I missed the best buying opportunity I've ever had... well, until 12/6/2000 (heh). After the summer swoon, which I again diligently used as a buying chance, I'd had enough. NSC is a wonderful play on rising commodities, rising population, war, and of course the Gulf Coast reconstruction. Trains are back, and if I didn't have so many excuses to liquidate, I would have kept NSC... But on 12/6/2006, I sold my last share. Hope granddaddy will understand.

If you've owned BOBE since the mid 90s, you'll know why selling now is such a good deal. The company is still a good play (in my opinion). But hedgies have moved in, and the valuations are getting all weird as is volume. I just don't have the stomach for Bob Evans anymore, but it was a good meal while it lasted.

So there it is. My cheeks, still tear stained, memories... all alone in the moon... Well, anyway, these stocks have done me some good, and I'm lucky to have been stupid enough to buy them when I did... so it is, with saddness that I bid them a fond farewell. Oh and in case you're wondering, YES, I do only trade on the 6th day of the month... a personal superstition of mine which has served me well!

Anyone out there sold some gold they care to discuss? Any stinkers? Comments welcomed. Where do we go in 2007? Anyone? Bueller?