< meta name="DC.Date.Valid.End" content="20050825"> Amendment Nine: $321/month

Monday, January 24, 2005


Used to get you a seat on the train, anytime you wanted, between CT and NYC. Now it gets you a place to stand on the train anytime it snows. We could have had new trains, but I guess Gov. Rowland needed the extra cash for his new plumbing system up in Litchfield. I'm bitter.

In other news, talk about bad timing... this "warning" about a possible, cataclysmic scenario whereby global temperatures rise on average 2 degrees, wiping out crops, spreading famine, and reducing England to a bar of sand, came when the Northeast digs out from one of the worst blizzards in recent memory. Personally, I'd kill for that 2 degrees right now. Global warming experts ought to release their reports when, oh, you know, its hot! And for all of those smarty pant readers who are ready to jump and say: "it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere" ... guess what? It doesn't matter cause all the CO2 emissions are produced in then Northern! Naaahhhh.