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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thoughts on Healthcare

Sharpie had an interesting thought here. Worth thinking about again. Another thing worth thinking about is the idea of a national health care system. I just heard some dude on the radio who has 3 kids, a wife, and he makes $8 an hour. He's in Greensboro, NC, but still $8 is $8. Kids are on medicaid, he's on employer health care, but they can't afford to put the wife on. Not a sob story or anything. But you gotta feel for the guy. One answer to this of course is a nationalized health care system. You wanna know the single biggest obstacle to that? Public education.

Non sequitir I know, but think about it from this angle, do you want you're doctor performing at the same level at which you're third grade teacher performed? No? How about if you're neurologist exhibited the same level of professionalism as your high school principal? And more importantly, can you trust the same people who oversee our schools to oversee our health care? If you can't offer good education which challenges our youth and makes them competitive in the global marketplace... how you gonna convince people you ought to cut on em also?