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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

An Important Debate

What's the most humid place on earth? A fight broke out over this here in NC late last night. I remain convinced that Pope AFB and the surrounding Fort Bragg area, but especially Pope, must be the most humid place in the history of mankind. One cannot walk two feet there in the summer without needing a towel. Its a combination of things, but most significantly, its just hot as all hell and there are no trees anywhere, and the soil is like sand, and instead of a lake to cool you, you get a runway sizzling at over 120 F, just to keep it nice and warm (like a giant oven, making Pope a hot summertime kitchen). The counter proposal was the subway in NYC when its REALLY, REALLY HOT in the city. I agree, when its toasty outside, the subway is disgustingly humid. All the AC run off from the buildings above seems to end up collecting down there. And combined with the sweet stench of dog piss, and warm blowing air from the rush of the trains, there really are few things more unpleasant, but its not as hot and humid as Pope AFB, no way. Anyone else got a contender? Keep it to the US, obviously India has us all beat.